Cloud Management

Business applications are complicated and expensive. The infrastructure and personnel requirements for running and maintaining these applications are enormous. Multiply this across numerous applications, and it’s easy to see why businesses are not getting all the applications that they require. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses.

Migrating to the cloud helps businesses save on capital expenditure and reduce the complexity of the IT infrastructure. The shared infrastructure of the cloud allows a business to pay for what they use and scale (up or down) on demand.

How Can Code Green Light Help?

Code Green Light provides Azure consulting for scalable and secure cloud solutions. This includes migrating existing applications to Azure, building new applications to run on Azure and a hybrid cloud setup.

Migrate Existing Applications to Azure

Code Green Light will define a step-by-step plan for moving existing applications to the Azure platform. For businesses not wanting a full migration, Code Green Light will define a Hybrid Cloud approach to keep business critical apps on-premises and migrate non- critical applications first.

Building new applications to run on Azure

Code Green Light will define the architecture and design for developing new cloud applications on Azure. This includes whether to use Infrastructure as a service (Azure hosted) or Platform as a Service (PAAS). The storage approach will be defined, by finding the right combination of using relational databases (SQL Azure), NoSQL storage (Azure Table Storage or Document DB) or unstructured stores (Azure BLOB storage). In addition to the broad scenarios above, Code Green Light delivers consulting services for all Microsoft Azure Technologies.