About Us

A little about us

Code Green Light is a software development company that specializes in building custom software to support the Software Development Life Cycle. Founded by a tight knit group of developers, we are driven by creating innovative tools to change the way development teams design, build, and bring their products to market.

Amrish T. - Co-Founder, Agressive Motivator

Brad C. - Co-Founder, a.k.a Eric Clapton

Jon S. - Co-Founder, Team Captain of the Rainbows and Butterflies Division


After developing our first product we realized not only could we help our clients increase their productivity with our tools, but we could also use our skills to help our clients with backlogged project work. Our team is extremely agile and able to take your project from start to finish. To us, it is more about giving our clients quality software. Whether we are writing software for us or for you, we guarantee 100% code quality.